Our Company.

Ultimate Discount Services is revolutionizing the way the people see leveraging services that they may not have exposure to unless critically needed. Our partnerships has allowed us to provide stellar service to our members and subscribers. We’re still growing while scaling our offerings to ensure that our members feel apart of something great.

Our Mission.

We work to connect consumers with necessary services in an innovative way.

We areinnovators.

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How does UDS work?

You choose the membership level that works best for you, whether it’s the VIP BASIC which is only $10 a month, VIP PREMIUM which is only $20 a month, and VIP DELUXE which is only $30 a month or VIP Supreme. When a situation occurs from the 16 services that we offer, for example: You receive a red light violation that just cost you $100 and you have our VIP BASIC membership which is only $10 a month, UDS will reimburse 50% of that violation back into your pocket. Let’s say you receive a Dental Co-Pay of $50 and you have our VIP DELUXE membership which is only $30 a month, UDS will reimburse 60% of that Co-Pay back into your pocket. All you have to do when it’s time to file a claim is just take a picture with your smartphone and email it to udsinc@udsinc.us or mail in your receipt to our mailing address that located on our “Contact Us” page.