Casuel Pitts

As the Founder, God gave me this vision to help create change in this world with a brand that is needed. I’m not perfect, but I strive for perfection and in saying that I’m willing to step out on faith to make this opportunity work for those that are willing to see the vision. My real passion with UDS are the initiatives that stand in front of the brand like Feeding the Homeless, Youth Entrepreneurship Program, 2nd Chance Program and many more. All I want for individuals is peace, love, and happiness. My motto is coming together is the beginning, sticking together is progress, but working together is success.

Ray Lewis

As the President, I take pride in the big brother aspect this company carries. You see, being able to provide a service for individuals that helps them save on these unwanted mishaps are priceless. This company is growing rapidly and with what we offer, how can you say no to world change. This is where you can make a difference by joining a movement that’s going to leave a legacy. Be inspired, be graceful, be you!

Kerrie Pabon

As the Vice President, I take pride in helping people and this company is a true serving company especially when it comes to saving people money. Being a single mom, knowing that there is a membership program that could potentially put money back in other single mother’s pockets is amazing and not just single moms, but individuals period. Being apart of a company that has their foundation to change the world and mold our youth is monumental. As I have always said, life is what you make it and I promise you that being apart of Ultimate Discount Services INC, is making my journey come true. Allow us to help you save so we can save others.